Who I am

I am a Spiritually-guided intuitive energy worker utilizing Pranic Healing, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), negative energy removal, oils, stones, the sounds of voice and singing bowls and "whatever else my guides tell me to use" to help you achieve a more tranquil life, helping you to reduce and/or eliminate physical and emotional stress and pain in most cases.

I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or physician and do not represent myself as such. I work with you effectively on an energetic level to help remove blockages and restore balance.

What you can expect

You can expect to feel differently within minutes. Most people with whom I have worked (99% on average) say they feel almost immediate reduction in their stress and/or pain levels, and frequently those benefits are lasting with regard to the issues we have addressed.

I compare it to pulling weeds in the yard - if you get all the roots, the weed won't grow back. Sometimes we get them all on the first try, sometimes we don't.

Pain can sometimes be a bit tougher to eliminate, but we can usually give you at least some temporary relief - without drugs.

Speaking of drugs, although you may feel you no longer need them; I do not recommend you discontinue medication or medical attention -- if you have been using either one -- prior to or following our sessions. That is a matter to be discussed between you and your physician.

As for what you can expect during the session - that's a tough one as no two sessions are exactly alike. I always go where I am guided; sometimes it's all EFT, sometimes there is energy work, sometimes we use oils, and sometimes it's "all of the above." Your individual session will be guided by the philosophy of "dancing where the music takes me." Occasionally you will be given nutritional suggestions or other "homework" which typically consists of foods you "should" be eating or actions you "should" take that may help with the situation.

How long does it take?

Sessions are scheduled for 1-hour blocks, with a 1-hour minimum per appointment.

How much does it cost?

My base rate is $100 per hour, one hour minimum. Prior to any first-time session, there will be a free consultation of approximately 15 minutes to determine mutual compatibility for our work together.

How may I be of service to YOU?